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Locally owned and operated, iFind Pipes N Cables is Northern Australia’s leading underground service location company. iFind Pipes N Cables has assisted hundreds of project owners, utility owners, project designers, engineers and contractors, to minimize design clashes and the risks associated with buried utilities before mechanical excavation.

Our services have been proven to reduce construction costs, prevent workplace hazards and associated problems relating to utility damage causing long and costly project delays.

The professional team at iFind Pipes N Cables solves all your locating problems using only the latest technology and equipment. Electronic wand detection, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and concrete penetrating radar (CPR) are used to achieve accurate and effective location of any buried objects and underground utilities. Then using the latest in Hydro Vacuum excavation machinery, we conduct non- destructive digging method to expose underground utilities and objects, allowing for safe mechanical excavation.

When you hire iFind PIPES 'N' CABLES, there is no need to hire multiple contractors to complete your locating project. We are a professional ONE STOP SHOP with one single priority -YOUR PROJECT SAFELY AND PROFESSIONALLY.

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Our Services:

    Leak Detection

    WET Hire

    Utility and Buried Object location

    Concrete Scanning

    Hydro Vacuum Excavation (Potholing)

    Pit, Drain and Conduit Cleaning

    Hydro Vacuum Excavation Dry Hire


Underground utilities & buried object locations


iFind Pipes N Cables has the latest methods and technology including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and electromagnetic wand device to safely and accurately locate any subsurface object or underground utilities on your site before you dig, excavate, saw and drill. Our services can assist with all your underground locating needs including:


• Sewer /stormwater pipes
• Optic fibre location
• Copper cable
• Electrical cables
• Coaxial cables
• Control cables
• Empty conduits
• Fuel lines
• Gas lines
• Oil lines
• Metallic pipes
• PVC and Poly pipes
• Tree root examination
• Void detection
• Road bed investigations
• Underground Storage Tank location
• Landfill mapping  

Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning, or concrete x-ray allows accurate inspections of concrete structures such as floors, walls, slabs, bridges, decks, for the detection of objects and features, i.e. rebar, post tension cables, voids, as well as the measurement of slab thickness.


Prior to concrete sawing, cutting, core holing or drilling, concrete scanning can provide the location of hidden features that could cause damage to machinery, pose a danger to the operator or compromise the integrity of the structure itself.


Concrete Scanning Applications include;
• Structural Steel
• Post tension cables

• Cable ducts

• Concrete Assessment and Structural Investigation • Slab thickness

Leak Detection

Leaks in domestic, commercial or idustrial pipe work can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year. If you suspect you have a leak due to a high water bill or unexplained moisture around your premises, don't wait for the damage to be done or the excessive bill to arrive.

Using state of the art acoustic equipment our highly experienced technician can perform a survey of your premises to identify any underground leak before undertaking any works, Our technician has pipe line construction experience and understands the methodology in pipe lines and newly installed pipe lines that will not pass a pressure test.


Hydro Vacuum Excavation

Hydro Vacuum Excavation/Non Destructive Digging is the safest method of excavation available. Hydro Vacuum excavation involves the use of high pressure water to blast away the ground material, sand, dirt and water making the waste material removable by a powerful vacuum unit. Vacuumed waste material is contained for easy removal from the building site.

Hydro Vacuum excavation supports the application of utility location. Hydro Vacuum excavation can target excavation areas where there is a high density of multiple utility lines and traditional excavation services are considered too risky. Ground material is cleared and removed with minimal environmental impact safely exposing the underground utilities. The actual position of the utilities, type of service, size & actual depth can be verified allowing for safe mechanical excavation around the exposed services.


Hydro vacuum excavation applications including;

    • Safely exposing pipe, cables and utilities before excavation
    • Trench made difficult due to underground obstacles
    • Footing holes due to the congestion of existing underground utilities
    • Safe and effective tree remediation
    • Excavation in confined areas where access is restricted with conventional machinery
    • Removal of silt from pits, drains, culverts and conduits
    • Removal of ground water from footing excavations

Highly Skilled and trained professionals


The professional staff at iFind Pipes N Cables have undertaken safety training and induction courses and remain current with industry standards by regularly attending training sessions. Our team are:

• Telstra Accredited
• Power Water accredited
• National Unit of Competency RIICCM202A “Identify, locate and protect underground services”
• Member of National Utility Locating Contractors Association (NULCA)
• Affiliated dial before you dig member


Work place safety and the environment is a priority for iFind Pipes N Cables. With an implemented Workplace Health Safety and Environmental management plan, iFind Pipes N Cables is committed to ensuring all work activities are carried out safely and where ever possible removing and reducing environmental harm from the work environment. iFind ensures work practices comply with the Work Health and Safety Act 2012, the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 and all applicable codes of practice and Australian standards.

iFind Pipes N Cables is fully insured and carry Public Liability and Professional indemnity insurance.

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